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Many individuals believe that van rentals during tough economic times are a luxury not to be afforded. In fact, now many family vacations are being planned as joint family groups and instead of going out of the Country, they are just arranging for visiting the various states and enjoying some, good at home sight seeing. CALL 347-416-6250Reserve A Van Today

This is where a Passenger Van Rental for large family groups can really cut down on the expenses. By seeking out some cheap flights and being able to rent Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans a 12 or 15 passenger van upon your arrival at the airport (JFK Airport, LGA LaGuardia Airport or Newark Airport , PHL, ACY, HPN ) , you can simply drive to many of the various states that would have taken several vehicles to transport a multiple family group. Think of the gas you will be saving by only have to utilize one vehicle. It is the perfect tight budget vacation that can be packed full of affordable fun when you do not have to worry about high transportation costs.

We are proud to provide groups Curbside Delivery service to local hotels and airports:

Now if you are affiliated with the organizing of travel for any of the following types of groups we have some important news for you…

Basketball Teams
Volleyball Teams
Baseball Teams
Equine Teams
Summer Programs
Limo Companies
Music Bands – Music Industry
Movie Industry
Construction Companies
Staffing Agencies

15 Passenger vans can be rented by the day, week, and month. Custom rental periods are also available

During the periods of high demand, such as the summer months and during all weekends there is a 3-day minimum rental and and holiday weekends 4-day minimum rental requirement for all 15 passenger van rentals.

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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van RentalsSince 15 passenger vans are specialty rentals, most car rental companies also require a non-refundable deposit to be left in advance to secure the reservation. This ensures that the 12 or 15 passenger van is held for you, and that it cannot be rented to someone else.

World Class Service - 15 passenger Van RentalsThis deposit (1000.00 on regular vans and 2500 on luxury vans) also protects the rental company. Most people who are in need of a 12 or 15 passenger van rental reserve the vehicle in advance. In the event you do not show for your rental, the rental agency will avoid taking a large financial loss on the reservation

Alternatively, any other sports group that travels around state to state for competitions, we have a real cost saver for you.

Think about the expenditure that you have had in the past for incidental travel once you get off the plane. When you think of the transportation cost per person it really begins to add up. If on the other hand you utilize the savings you can get from a van rental then in the end you will find that you probably saved money.

A 15 Passenger Sprinter Vans and a Ford or Chevy 15  Passenger Van Rental is the perfect solution. Its true if you are traveling around the various states for competitions that you could get a bus. You probably do not need a standard size, which is going to cost a fortune. Then a small one is just not going to accommodate you in comfort the same way a Passenger Van Rental Conversion Van Rentalswould and probably for less money. You have to admit a Passenger Van Rental Minivan Rentalsburns a lot less gas then a small bus does.

It is convenient to be able to get off the plane, load the team into the 15 passenger van and have the use of it from traveling to one location to another. You could travel to Newark, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Albany NY, New Haven CT, Boston MA, Long Island NY, Upstate NY, New York Hampton, Brooklyn NY, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island,  just to name a few. This covers quite a few of the sports competition hot spots. Then you can simply fly out from these areas and just leave the Passenger Van Rental there for pick up.

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